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New MKX Kombat Pack 2 Trailer

Netherrealm Studios just put out the latest trailer for the upcoming second Kombat Pack for Mortal Kombat X, giving punters their first look at new additions Bo Rai Cho, Triborg, Leatherface and Alien. Also featured for the first time was the return of a classic Mortal Kombat staple; The Pit. Check out the trailer below.

In further news, Warner Bros. let slip some of the extra content to be expected in KP2: in addition to an all-new Apocalypse pack containing Takeda, D’Vorah and Erron Black, the bundle will also include access to Goro, the Kold War skin pack, and the Brazil skin pack, all of which have already been released as standalone DLC. Frustratingly, WB hasn’t said whether punters that have already bought these particular items can expect any special treatment, but we can hope that they’ll be looked after.


Tekken 7: Fated Retribution Announced, SF’s Akuma Guest Stars

Short on time right now, I’ll revisit this with a real op ed, but holy damn Akuma’s gonna be in the next Tekken game, surely this is a sign of the end times. Just watch the trailer below.

Capcom Cup 2015 Results, More Street Fighter News

Yesterday was Street Fighter Day at PlayStation Experience, with the annual Capcom Pro Tour drawing to a close with the 2015 Capcom Cup.

A fitting send-off for Street Fighter IV as a marquee game, Japanese player Kazunoko toppled Street Fighter legend Daigo Umehara in a close fought final. After having sent Umehara into the losers’ bracket in straight games, Daigo fought his way back to make the final, before capitulating to Kazunoko 3-2 in the decider. Full results, and more Street Fighter V developments saved for after Capcom Cup, are available after the jump.


FF7 Remake Gameplay Footage From PSX

Turns out I woke up late and missed the first gameplay footage of Square Enix’ Final Fantasy VII Remake.

First of all, HOLY HELL it’s one pretty looking game.

Second of all, I’m sort of thankful they’ve decided to ditch the old gameplay for a more real-time FFXV- style game engine. It’s gonna be interesting seeing all the old locales remade to fit the new game. Barret’s revamped design looks badass, even Biggs, Wedge and Jessie look great. Even with the new gameplay direction, though, there’s still plenty there to cash in on the nostalgia FF7 generates.

King Of Fighters XIV Gets A New Trailer Too

Street Fighter isn’t the only Sony-only fighter to show off, of course. Here’s the latest trailer for King Of Fighters XIV.

Talking points:

  • 50 character roster, comprised of 16 traditional KOF-style teams
  • Host of play modes
  • Confirmation of returning characters Ralf Jones, Kula Diamond, King and Angel joining Andy Bogard, Leona, Chang Koehan, Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami

So how does this look? No, not ‘look’ look, we all know what you think of that, I mean figuratively.