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Bethesda’s E3 Showcase – My Verdict

With Fallout 4 already out the door and wowing people, Bethesda had to pull something out of the hat this E3, and it did so almost immediately. Read the rest of this entry

E3 2016 Expectations

And here we go again. Another E3 is upon us, with the industry’s heavyweights gathering before the show floor opens to lay their cards on the table. Starting tomorrow we’ll get to see what Electronic Arts and Bethesda will bring to the table in the following year, with Microsoft, Ubisoft, Sony and a repeat of last year’s PC Gaming Show to follow it up the day after. Here’s what I expect from the big guns. Read the rest of this entry

Skeleton Shortage Disorder – Is Your RPG A Sufferer?

Skyrim Skeletons

I love role playing games. I love the creativity, the indulgence of fantasy, the painstaking effort that goes into creating a living, breathing world. But in recent months I’ve noticed a dissonance between what I expect from RPGs and what I’m getting.

Read the rest of this entry