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July Update To Bring SFV Back?

With Community Effort Orlando in the bag for 2016, viewers were sent home with a special gift from Capcom: two new characters for Street Fighter V and the long-promised Story mode, all available this Friday. And literally in the space of that two minute trailer, the fighting games scene went from caustically pessimistic about the game’s chances to unbridled jubilance. Just listen to that crowd, will you?

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How To Make A Street Fighter, Part I

Over the years, the Street Fighter franchise has been praised for the diversity of its roster, not in a cultural sense but a visual one. Each character in a Street Fighter game has a look and feel that immediately sets them apart from others, giving a sense of individuality to each fighter that just wasn’t found in competing games like Mortal Kombat. But where do these elements all come from?

More often than not they come straight from movies, or real fighters. A long, proud tradition of paying tribute to other creative minds can be traced through Street Fighter games all the way back to the very beginning. Join me as I take a look at the not-so-secret origins behind some of Street Fighter’s biggest names.

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