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SFxT: Movelist Key

In addition to this key, you can hover your mouse over any of the symbols below on any of the character pages for the definition listed here.

Basic Inputs
Any of the above single directions may require Charging for certain specials. This means the direction needs to be held down briefly before going onto the next command. Please hover over the direction with the mouse on a character’s move list if in doubt.
Complex Inputs
QCF Quarter Circle Forward (Down, Down-Forward, Forward)
QCB Quarter Circle Back (Down, Down-Back, Back)
DPM Dragon Punch Motion (Forward, Down, Down-Forward)
RDP Reverse Dragon Punch Motion (Back, Down, Down-Back)
HCF Half Circle Forward (Back, Down-Back, Down, Down-Forward, Forward)
360 Half Circle Back (Forward, Down-Forward, Down, Down-Back, Back)
HCB Lever Turn / 360 Motion (a full rotation of the direction inputs, either clockwise or anti-clockwise)
Attack Buttons
Light Punch Light Punch (default: X for 360, Square for PS3)
Medium Punch Medium Punch (default: Y for 360, Triangle for PS3)
Heavy Punch Heavy Punch (default: RB for 360, R1 for PS3)
Light Kick Light Kick (default: A for 360, Cross for PS3)
Medium Kick Medium Kick (default: B for 360, Circle for PS3)
Heavy Kick Heavy Kick (default: RT for 360, R2 for PS3)
Any Punch Any Punch button (Light Punch, Medium Punch or Heavy Punch)
Any Kick Any Kick button (Light Kick, Medium Kick or Heavy Kick)
Any Two PunchesAny Two Punches Any Two of the Punch buttons
Any Two KicksAny Two Kicks Any Two of the Kick buttons
All Three PunchesAll Three PunchesAll Three Punches All Three Punch buttons (Light Punch, Medium Punch and Heavy Punch)
All Three KicksAll Three KicksAll Three Kicks All Three Kick buttons (Light Kick, Medium Kick and Heavy Kick)
Simultaneous Inputs
FLight Punch If two symbols partly overlap, these two inputs need to be pressed at the same time. This is mostly used in move lists for Throws, Launchers or Cross and Super Arts.
Move Attributes
Attacks that start with this symbol have to directly follow the last attack that didn’t use this or as many of this symbol. For example:
Attack A QCFAny Punch
— Attack B Any Punch
— Attack C Any Kick
— — Attack D Any Kick

Attack A must be performed first; Attacks B and C can only be used after Attack A, and Attack D can only be used after Attack C.

Air Also Air Also (this move can be performed on the ground or in the air)
Air Only Air Only (this move can only be performed while airborne)
Supercharge Supercharge (by holding the attack button, you can delay the use of the move, or turn it into a meter-less EX special or Super Art. See the Basics page for more information)
Cross Cancel Cross Cancel (an EX version of this move can be used as a counter, by pressing Forward and Launcher at the moment you block an attack. See the Basics page for more information)

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