SFV Getting A Heap Of New Stuff Soon – Evo 2016 Panel

Evolution is upon us, with pools play currently underway in Las Vegas. During all this is a two-day schedule of panels conducted by fighting games developers, keen to let slip what the future holds for the games being played in the next hall over.

This morning it was Capcom’s turn to show us what’s coming to Street Fighter V in the near future. Here’s what they had to offer.

First of all, the extra colors previously only available through Survival mode playthroughs will be made available to buy at some point later. Whether this was with Fight Money or with real money wasn’t made known, nor was a release date for this.

The Summer costumes for Chun Li and R.Mika leaked with the Story mode update a couple of weeks ago will be released later today.


Also out today is a special Capcom Pro Tour Premier DLC Bundle, collecting together the Luxury costumes given to Chun Li and Cammy, a new CPT themed ‘Ring of Destiny’ stage, and and special exclusive color schemes and profile pieces. All of these will be made available seperately on both Steam and PSN, with the bundle itself exclusive to Sony.

The more interesting bit about this content is that the proceeds of them all go towards the final prize pot at the Capcom Cup Finals and funding other CPT events, similar to Mortal Kombat X’s exclusive skins that went towards funding its ESL endeavours. A neat way to return some of the investment of its players back into the grassroots community that get behind the games.

We also got a preview of future DLC, including a Nostalgic costume set featuring classic Street Fighter 3 inspired designs for Ibuki and Alex, as well as a new recreation of Street Fighter 2’s final stage, the Thai temple that M.Bison called home.

There’s no word on when we’ll be seeing any of this throwback content, so we’ll keep our ears to the ground for the time being. There’s a long weekend of Street Fighter V action ahead, and the chance of even more news coming after Sunday’s finals, so settle in for a lot of SFV action on Twitch!


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