MKX’s Next Four Additions Revealed

MKX Kombat Pack 2

Yesterday you got my opinions on who I wanted to see in Mortal Kombat X’s second Kombat Pack. Well, just this morning, the trailer, due to appear during today’s The Game Awards, was leaked online, showing us all four additions to the roster. And boy has it thrown up some doozies. Check out the trailer after the jump.

I’m glad to see Bo Rai Cho in the line-up. He stands to benefit a lot from the gameplay revamp, and his new look suggests he’s being played much straighter than past incarnations of the farting, puking drunken master.

The others, though, I didn’t see coming. A lot of people saw the particular gadgets the Predator brouught to the fold as a sign that the stalwart robots Cyrax and Sektor wouldn’t make an appearance, but it seems like someone built a hybrid of all of them to add to the game. Following in the new tradition of guest characters, Leatherface, from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, makes a surprising appearance, and Baraka’s been killed off once again to make way for a Tarkatan Xenomorph, in the tradition of the Aliens franchise.

In my last MKX piece I mentioned that I don’t like the idea of guest characters. I think they cheapen the brand strength of a game; every non-MK character added to an MK game, makes it less of an MK game. I also said I’d only get excited for one that I’m a huuuuge fan of. Leatherface doesn’t fall into that category; to anyone else who’s never seen the movies, he just looks like a dufus with a chainsaw. Matter of fact, there might only be two franchises I could ever deal with being put in an MK game; a Cenobite from the Hellraiser flicks…

…Or a Xenomorph from Aliens. Fuck. Yes.

Not only do we get one of HR Giger’s most infamous creations, but it also reinvigorates a character who not twenty four hours ago I said was becoming stale. Baraka’s moveset getting a Xeno makeover is something I can get behind in a big way.

Overall though, I’m probably more excited for this than I was Kombat Pack 1. The trailer says we’ll see the first of these characters next year, and if the pace is anything to go by we could see all four in our hands before next May.


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