Capcom Cup Finals Brackets Published

Capcom Cup 2015

With Dreamhack wrapping up earlier today, the qualifiers for this year’s Capcom Cup event, to be held as part of Sony’s PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas next week, are locked in. Capcom has published the first round matchups on the Capcom Pro Tour website, which are listed below.

(1) EG|Momochi (Japan) vs RZR|RB (China) (32)
(2) RZR|Infiltration (Korea) vs Qanba/Douyo|Dakou (China) (31)
(3) RB|Bonchan (Japan) vs Misse (Japan) (30)
(4) RZR|Xian (Singapore) vs YP|Valmaster (France) (29)
(5) AVM|Gamerbee (Taiwan) vs RZR|Gackt (Japan) (28)
(6) MD|Louffy (France) vs KIG|ProblemX (UK) (27)
(7) MCZ|Tokido (Japan) vs YBK|Shirou (Japan) (26)
(8) RZR|Fuudo (Japan) vs CCG|HumanBomb (Hong Kong) (25)

(9) MCZ|Mago (Japan) vs Dark Jiewa (China) (24)
(10) MCZ|Daigo Umehara (Japan) vs YOMI|Dieminion (USA) (23)
(11) Kazunoko (Japan) vs WFX|801Strider (US) (22)
(12) RB|SnakeEyez (US) vs Keoma (Brazil) (21)
(13) Nemo (Japan) vs YBK|Dashio (Japan) (20)
(14) Qanba Douyo|Xiao Hai (China) vs Liquid|Nuckledu (US) (19)
(15) EG|Justin Wong (US) vs MF|Tonpy (Japan) (18)
(16) /r/Kappa|Poongko (Korea) vs Itabashi Zangief (Japan) (17)

So what do you think? Who are you looking forward to seeing face off next weekend?

Special thanks to EventHubs for doing the hard work on the brackets.


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