UPDATE: Cyberpunk 2077 Removed From PSN Store, But There’s Still A Road Back

UPDATE: Sony has just announced that Cyberpunk 2077 is being removed from PlayStation Store. This is a new low for the troubled game, as this drastic action wasn’t used for the arguably even more troubled launch of Bethesda’s Fallout 76. You can read the original article below.

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Good Lord, Are Capcom Actually Learning From Their Mistakes?

It’s been four years since I last put anything together for this site. A full time job outside of videogames will do that. A lot’s changed in four years – America elected a dickhead, Australia elected a coward before the coward’s party dumped him for a different dickhead, and everyone hid in their homes for six months to avoid the plague. And a whole lot more. We had arguably the greatest three months in videogames ever. We’ve had new entries in almost every major fighting game franchise that have blown people away. And, strike me down, Capcom are on the mend.

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SFV Getting A Heap Of New Stuff Soon – Evo 2016 Panel

Evolution is upon us, with pools play currently underway in Las Vegas. During all this is a two-day schedule of panels conducted by fighting games developers, keen to let slip what the future holds for the games being played in the next hall over.

This morning it was Capcom’s turn to show us what’s coming to Street Fighter V in the near future. Here’s what they had to offer.

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July Update To Bring SFV Back?

With Community Effort Orlando in the bag for 2016, viewers were sent home with a special gift from Capcom: two new characters for Street Fighter V and the long-promised Story mode, all available this Friday. And literally in the space of that two minute trailer, the fighting games scene went from caustically pessimistic about the game’s chances to unbridled jubilance. Just listen to that crowd, will you?

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Sony’s E3 Showcase: My Thoughts

If I were to describe last year’s E3 for Sony, I’d compare it to the big reveal scene in Jurassic Park. The audience is rumbling along in a jeep through lush grassland, with Sony playing the role of an excited Richard Attenborough. Suddenly, the audience gets a look at something they long thought to be extinct; actual gameplay of The Last Guardian-osaurus. Then Sony, smug bastards they are, casually let slip they’ve got a remake of Final Fantasy 7-saurus Rex in the works. Finally, the camera pans out to a herd of Shenmue 3-asaura drinking from a nearby lagoon. There was a winner last year, and it was Sony. This year the audience went in knowing there was no possible way they could match that show, but boy did Sony still try.

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Microsoft’s E3 Showcase – My Thoughts

Microsoft finds itself behind the eightball this year. The Xbox One hasn’t struck much of a chord with customers, and uptake on Windows 10 and MS’ new Universal Windows Platform hasn’t been as strong as expected, with many gamers sticking with the incumbent Steam. It’s not even that Microsoft had a bad E3 last year, it’s just that it was completely overshadowed. MS needed to knock this E3 out of the park and win people back. Did they? Kiiiinda.

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6 Things I Hope WWE2K17 Will Have (But Probably Won’t)

And with that 2K Games has launched its latest WWE vehicle, promising access to WCW legend Goldberg and a pair of WCW arenas (Monday Nitro and Halloween Havoc) to anyone that pre-orders the title, expected to arrive in October this year.

The problem is, 2K’s wrestling titles have begun to attract an unfortunate stigma: that no matter how much new content is added, the absence of notable features from previous games will always make it feel like a lesser product to titles from the PS1 or PS2 generations. While WWE2K16 righted the ship in some aspects, it was still missing old match types, old in-ring functionality, old creation suite features and other key elements. With this year’s version officially on the way, I’ve got a laundry list of things the game needs, but I don’t hold a lot of hope for actually seeing them.

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