Capcom Cup Finals Brackets Published

Capcom Cup 2015

With Dreamhack wrapping up earlier today, the qualifiers for this year’s Capcom Cup event, to be held as part of Sony’s PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas next week, are locked in. Capcom has published the first round matchups on the Capcom Pro Tour website, which are listed below.

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WWE2K16 Adds New Moves As DLC

WWE2k16 New Moves DLC Pack

Hey, guess what? This website covers both wrestling AND games!

The first slice of 2K Games’ DLC commitments for WWE2K16 has appeared on PlayStation Network stores and Xbox Live Marketplaces, giving players 35 new moves to add to their custom characters, sourced from “a variety of current, retired and up-and-coming talent”.

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Corollary: More Social Media Boneheadism

Not content to let Koei Tecmo be the only one stomping in dogshit today, online games store Play Asia are getting in the act too.

So not only drawing attention to the social justice angle, but actively calling it nonsense. This is the sort of medical-grade stupid you can only buy legally in certain states.

Koei Tecmo Plants Their Foot Clean In It


Dead Or Alive as a franchise has copped a lot of flak over the past few years for its reliance on tittilation. Whether it’s as innovators of accurate breast physics in fighting games, or as purveyors of similarly bouncy beach volleyball spinoff franchise DOA Xtreme, the franchise is a very easy target for the games press of today’s focus on gender equality and social justice.

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WWE Survivor Series 2015

Survivor Series 2015 sucked ass

I suppose we should all be kinda thankful it took the creative team at WWE a full ten months to come up with something that makes this year’s weaksauce Fastlane look good. It gave us ten months of continued hope; ten months of the possibility that maybe, just maybe, they were about to turn the corner. Survivor Series this week took all that goodwill built up over a brace of impressive matches at last month’s Hell In A Cell and wasted it. Read the rest of this entry

Sony Makes the PS4 Backwards Compatible


Only a few days ago, Microsoft launched a feature it hoped would set its Xbox One apart from the at-the-moment-probably-more-popular PlayStation4: backwards compatibility. Today, to much less fanfare, Sony has tilted their hand a little, teasing at the possibility of the PS4 following suit.

As a matter of fact, Eurogamer reports that the functionality is in fact live, right now, on your console.

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Back Up To Speed: Street Fighter V


With this site being out of action for so long, I’ve missed a fair bit of news regarding Capcom’s upcoming Street Fighter V. So just in case The Saltmine is literally your only source for fighting game news, I’m gonna get you up to speed as quickly as possible with some quick, hard facts.

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The All-New, All-Different Saltmine


If you’re seeing this, it means that three years ago you saw this groovy little website about fighting games and figured ‘hey, this guy knows his stuff, I might give him a follow’. It also means you’ve been left hanging for the past two years or so while I focused on other areas in my life.

Now, it’s finally time for me to come home. Welcome to The Saltmine, version 2.0.

If you stick with me, you’ll find I’m broadening The Saltmine’s scope a little. There are other things I like in life that aren’t fighting games, and from time to time I’ll post about them here. If that’s not your thing, you just need to head up top and push that FGC button to limit your reading to polygon pugilism. For everyone else, I’ll be branching out into other games that interest me, as they interest me. I’ll also talk about other things close to my heart, like animation, rasslin’, and other categories as I think of them.

Another big change is just below the post title. As part of this movement towards more of the stuff I like, I figured this page could do with a little bit more me in it. No more theatrics and pomp, no more nameless miner of salt producing content; now you’re dealing with a person.

Hi. My name’s Rory. Welcome to my site. Hope you enjoy it.


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