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Ultra Street Fighter 4: Everything You Need To Know


One of the biggest stories to come out of Evo for Street Fighter fans is the announcement of what many suspect will be the final major update for SF4.  Branded Ultra Street Fighter 4, the trailer was premiered ahead of the SSF4AE2012 Top 8 on Sunday, showing off not just four of the five new characters, but also a number of balance changes and tweaks the community has asked for, changing the way many characters are fundamentally played.  Check the trailer below, and hit the jump for every known bit of information regarding this new title.

Five New Characters


Four of the five characters new to SF4 have been revealed so far, all of whom are ports from Street Fighter X Tekken:

  • Poison
  • Hugo
  • Elena
  • Rolento

It should be stressed that while the models will be the same as those seen in SFxT, the animations, frame data and even several moves will be tweaked in the characters’ adaptation for USF4, and each of them will be receiving all new attacks as part of the changeover.  Capcom were eager to stress this was not a simple copy and paste job.

On top of these four, there is a fifth yet-to-be-revealed character, for which we’ve been given several clues to their identity from various Capcom representatives, including eccentric SF doyen Yoshinori Ono: s/he has not been in a Street Fighter game before, it’s not Asura (Asura’s Wrath), and it’s not Fat Megaman (Street Fighter X Tekken).  From this, the community has already come up with a shortlist of its preferences and likely candidates, with Final Fight’s Haggar, Darkstalkers’ Morrigan and even Remember Me’s Nilin heading the list of suspects.

Six New Stages


A total of six stages will be added to USF4, also borrowed from SFxT: the Half Pipe, Cosmic Elevator, Mad Gear Hideout, Jurassic Era Research Facility, Blast Furnace and Pitstop 109.  While it hasn’t been confirmed whether these stages will be edited in any way, it’s a safe assumption that all references to Tekken will need to be removed, such as the Blast Furnace’s guest appearance by Ganryu.  It’s also unconfirmed whether the alternate versions of each stage will be present or not, such as Sodom and Haggar’s appearance at the Mad Gear Hideout, the ground level of the Jurassic Era Facility, the day and night versions of Pitstop 109, etc.

New Modes

Capcom have said that new modes of play will be included, but are tight lipped about exactly what they are.  Yoshinori Ono has said that all SF-related resources are going towards USF4 when asked about a possible next-gen SF5.

Release Date and Price

Ultra Street Fighter 4 will be released early next year, with two price points: a U$15 update that will work with either Super Street Fighter 4 or SSF4AE, or a U$40 complete edition.  As a sweetener, the U$40 edition will come with every bundle of downloadable costumes available for every edition of SF4 so far, which seperately costs nearly as much as the game itself.  In addition to all of that, it will come with a pre-order bonus of an extra new costume for each of the new USF4 characters, designed in partnership with Udon Comics.

Gameplay Balances

And now the nitty gritty.  Each character is getting a slew of fresh changes, with Capcom UK’s Dawgtanian saying everyone has something to look forward to.  The goal of these balances apparently isn’t to bring certain characters to low tier or high tier, but to decrease the gap between the tiers themselves.  On top of that, a few universal changes will be applied, namely the removal of unblockables. It’s worth noting that all of these changes are tentative, and could change between now and release.  These changes will also be available for location tests in the months leading up to release.

Only a few characters have had details slip so far:


  • Turn Punch charges faster
  • Headbutt is less punishable on recovery
  • Ultra 2 (Dirty Bull) has greater range


  • Cannon Strike usable lower to the ground
  • Damage and stun reduced on HP and HK attacks
  • Changes intended to negate the “two combos and you’re dead” effect

Chun Li:

  • Health increase (900 -> 950)
  • EX Kikouken now knocks down on hit
  • EX Hazan Shu now breaks armor
  • Overall damage increase
  • df+LK as an anti-air is back


  • Knife Throw now breaks armor


  • st.MK now hits twice, making it an anti-Focus Attack tool


  • Short Swing Blow is now throw-invincible
  • Kidney Blow and other normal attacks have better hitboxes
  • Damage increase to all Target Combos

E. Honda:

  • Ultimate Killer Head Ram (Ultra 1) has a faster startup
  • Orochi Breaker (Ultra 2) has greater range
  • fj.MK has a smaller hurtbox

Fei Long:

  • Rekka Ken forward range decreased


  • MP->HP Target Combo’s HP has greater range


  • Neckbreaker is now soft knockdown; only EX is still hard knockdown
  • EX Kazakiri now has greater invincibility
  • Tsumuji hitbox is now larger and lower to the ground
  • Changes are intended to reduce Ibuki’s reliance on the vortex and give her defensive tools to use as an alternative.


  • Faster walk speed
  • cr.HK sweep start up shortened
  • st.LP > cr.HK now combos
  • Shinryuken (Ultra 1) non-full animation version damage increase


  • Not much is known about her changes, but reportedly she’ll be buffed, not nerfed


  • Tenchi Sokiagen (Ultra 2) motion changed: hcf+3P -> qcf+3K
  • EX Rakan Dantojin to become safer on block


  • EX Soul Spiral now completely invincible
  • Overall damage increase


  • EX Messiah Kick no longer jumps over crouching opponents

T. Hawk:

  • Faster walk speed
  • cr.MK now cancelable into special moves
  • Raging Slash (Ultra 2) improved


  • cr.LP hit stun increased
  • Both Ultras (Bloody High Claw and Splendid Claw) have a faster start up


  • Faster walk speed
  • st.LK startup shortened
  • j.MK hit box improved for crossup use

Of course, all this is just the tip of the iceberg, with more changes to be tested and introduced in the coming months.

For more details, Mad Catz have uploaded videos of the Capcom Evo 2013 panel at which much of this information was dropped, which you can find here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Sources: Mad Catz via Eventhubs

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