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DOA5: Whole Cast Hacked [RUMOR]

It happened to Mortal Kombat, it happened to Mass Effect 3, and it’s happened to Dead or Alive 5; boffins at NeoGAF have reputedly ripped open the demo for DOA5, producing the eventual full cast for the game.

Along with what is believed to be a pack of certain utility models (think of things like the monkeys from DOA4), the hackers have uncovered costume data for the whole cast, revealing a total of six for:

Bayman Hitomi Christie Brad
Lisa Eliot Ayane Lei Fang
Hayate Kokoro Bass Leon
Helena Gen Fu Kasumi Hayabusa
Jann Lee Tina Zack

They will be joined by apparent new characters Mila and Rig, previously announced Virtua Fighter guest Akira Yuki, and additional VF characters Sarah Bryant and Pai Chan.  Everyone listed is also confirmed by the presence of character-specific camera directions for the character select screen.  DOA4′s final boss Alpha-152 also had costume data on the disc, but was lacking the camera direction, suggesting her presence on the disc may just be leftover code.

While this list will undoubtedly get people excited, one can’t help but wonder if Tecmo will come to regret the decision to release a demo.  With the wholesale changes being made to the engine itself, it was a given that they would want feedback on it, but as noted before, games that release advance demos to the public always have a habit of letting a lot of information slip.  It’s this sort of investigative spirit in the community itself that may see more developers shy away from giving their players a preview of their product.

Source: NeoGAF

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