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Rufus Confirmed for SFxT

A promotional video found on Famitsu has confirmed corpulent Street Fighter Rufus for the Street Fighter X Tekken roster.  Featuring alongside Julia Chang, Bob Richards and likely official tag partner Zangief, Rufus is the fifth character obtusely hinted at leading up to the Tokyo Game Show, taking place this weekend.  Rufus’ appearance has effectively quashed most theories regarding the identity of Zangief’s tag partner; most fans expecting a fellow SF wrestler, be it SF3 protagonist Alex, SF4 newcomer El Fuerte, or Ono-san’s personal favourite Rainbow Mika.

Punters are expecting at least a sixth character from TGS as well; with Lili recently teased, all signs seem to point to her Tekken rival Asuka Kazama to make an appearance as well, to mirror Zangief’s partner.  In addition, the trailer features references to the more expected Marshall Law, Tekken’s trademark Bruce Lee-alike.  This certainly builds anticipation leading to Tokyo this weekend.

Source: Famitsu

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